Dodge City High School Football Stadium

Dodge City High School’s Memorial Stadium, home of the Red Demons, is one of the largest high school football stadiums in the State of Kansas with over 5,000 seats and the desire to grow. The school approached McClelland Sound to advise on re-purposing, bandaging, and adding to the current sound system, or outright replacing the nearly decade-old equipment. We decided to set up a live on-site demonstration of a loudspeaker we felt would completely change the football experience in the stadium. It was a night and day difference and an eye-opening experience for the athletic, facilities, finance, and administration departments at the district. 

We designed a new system which featured a high performance end-zone loudspeaker, state of the art amplification and signal processing, networked audio transport, digital wireless microphones and in-ear monitors, playback speakers in the press-box, and AC power surge elimination and sequencing for all electronic equipment. 

The Danley Sound Labs “Jericho J1” loudspeaker with Synergy Horn technology put a consistent full-bandwidth frequency response throughout the stadium. Even with sound pressure levels reading over 110dBSPL from hundreds of feet away, the system was not fatiguing to listen to. Everyone was thrilled with the new sound system solution as well as the game which ended 50-8 in favor of the Dodge City High School Red Demons!