McClelland Sound designed, built and installed its first drive-thru intercom system in 1977. We no longer build our own systems but have continued installing and servicing thousands of drive-thru systems throughout the state of Kansas.

Over the years, the dining habits of Americans have changed, and the drive-thru intercom system has become a key component of the “fast food” or “quick service” restaurant industry. As much as 70 percent of a restaurant’s revenue is derived through its drive-thru operation. Customer satisfaction at the drive-thru is crucial, not only for the success of, but also the very survival of, quick-serve restaurants.


We service the following manufacturers products: 3M, Commercial Electronics, HME and Panasonic. A portable system is available for rent while your system is being serviced.

Maintenance Agreements

We offer a variety of comprehensive maintenance/service agreements. With each program, customers with failed equipment will contact Muzak’s Drive-thru Operations Center toll-free line, where they will troubleshoot to determine the nature of the failure.

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