Our People


Chief Financial Officer

  • as President and CFO, Janice is well-loved for her paycheck signing abilities
  • 3rd generation owner: officially joined McClelland Sound in 2001
  • in her prior life, worked for the US Geological Survey – she knows what’s in the water


Vice President, Sales

  • joined McClelland Sound in 2006 as a tech, now is in sales
  • has followed the band “311” around the country – he’s a 311-head
  • like the challenge of audio design – every day brings something new


Chief Information Officer

  • joined McClelland Sound in 1983 – his fingerprints are all over everything
  • enjoys recording choral and orchestra concerts in his spare time
  • his favorite job is that of “Gampa” to his five grandkids


Purchasing, Rentals

  • recently celebrated 25 years at McClelland Sound – Thought he was joining McClelland Sound temporarily while he figured out a career
  • values time with his wife and kids above all else
  • is a distant cousin of ‘The Cowsills’ a singing group in Rhode Island

Zach Light


  • Zach is a roller coaster fiend – even though he’s never been to Cedar Point



  • joined in 2012 and has more certifications than you can shake a stick at
  • owns entirely too many guitars, and one of these days will learn to play them all
  • loves to hunt, fish, and hike – loves it when the stars align and he can do all three in the same weekend



  • joined McClelland Sound in 2007 – he programs control systems and commissions systems
  • volunteer firefighter for over 11 years
  • immersed in technology in his professional life, he enjoys fishing, camping and horseback riding in his free time


Accounts Receivable

  • took the indirect path to McClelland Sound – through social work, ministry and non-profit fundraising
  • loves change – is always thinking of ways to make things better (and drive others crazy)
  • joined McClelland Sound in 2014



  • joined McClelland Sound in 2014 with over 15 year’s experience working with numbers in a variety of industries
  • she’s creatively crafty and values spending time with her family and friends
  • enjoys the adventure of new experiences and is learning her fourth language

Susan Brewer

Accounts Payable


Service/Project Manager

  • joined McClelland Sound in 2011- the best part of his job is seeing and hearing it all come together
  • likes to build and create things
  • has two older Chevies – he’s restored everything from paint to upholstery



  • joined McClelland Sound in 2007 – his area of expertise is in auditoriums, paging systems and industrial/large scale jobs
  • likes making people happy by providing good quality sound
  • spends weekends as a drummer in a band, or running sound for other musicians



  • 36 years experience “in the biz” – 30 at McClelland Sound in installation and service
  • in his off time he enjoys woodworking and is a weaver, showing and selling his wares at regional art shows throughout the year
  • raises chickens and shares the egg bounty with his grateful coworkers

Derek – we call him Mason


  • joined McClelland Sound in 2009 – he trouble shoots drive-thrus, and Muzak/Mood equipment
  • during the season he goes to Starlite Drive In a lot – his goal is every weekend. He’s even created his own speaker system for the experience – try to park near him
  • collects and repairs older electronic equipment – he’s always tinkering and inventing



  • he tried to retire from McClelland Sound, but still shows up several times a week to repair equipment and work on new designs
  • his guiding principle could be summed up in the phrase – necessity is the mother of invention
  • he’s been here since 1977